Spare Parts

At Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage we salvage some of our purpose purchased bikes and sell motorcycle spare parts for any make or model.

We also customise motorcycle spare parts or make replacements right here on site when specific parts are hard to come by.

We’re sure that anyone will understand that quality comes before quantity for us. For bikes pre-1980 it is essential to refurbish or source parts overseas.

Some motorcycle spare parts we sell

  • Front forks (complete assemblies – wheel and disc rotor, yokes, stem and auxiliaries)
  • Disc rotors for a few different bikes (subject to inquiries)
  • Spare wheels (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki & Suzuki, most European wheels)
  • Motor parts (subject to inquiries)
  • Panels
  • Electric components and switches
  • Suspension parts and shocks, spring, valves and linkwork

If your part is not listed, give us a call to discuss. There is a wide range we can source.

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