Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage

Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage (SCMG) builds, modifies, customises and repairs the motorcycle that gets your heart revving.

Our aim is to perfectly customise motorcycles to fulfil your imagination, needs and wishes to create that ONE cycle you always dreamed of. Main focus and specialisation is the V-Max 1200 and V-Max 1700, large capacity Cruisers, Café Racers, Scooters and Street Fighters.

We work on motorcycles of all ages, type and model, providing high quality repairs and maintenance.

Our workshop is fitted out for custom motorcycle fabrication involving machining, alloy works and welding. We install wider forks and yokes with upgraded USD conversions, mono & dual shock swing arm modifications for wider wheels (including rims), drive shaft and transmission modification & upgrades, suspension rework and electrical rewiring or troubleshooting .

Our workshop can fabricate, modify, supply and install enhancement parts for your motorcycle. We, of course, fabricate stand out exhaust system in accordance with EPA regulations. Naturally we carry out engine tuning, ECU flashing, brake caliper conversions with custom made brackets to accommodate upgraded brake systems from BREMBO, BERINGER and OHLINS. We use the best, high quality parts available from our top suppliers mainly in Europe and the US.

We’ll make your motorcycle run and look so it turns heads wherever you appear with your ride.

Sydney and Australia

We can arrange shipping and serve every area of Australia. Come and see us at our workshop, give us a call or conveniently email us.

The V-Max Specialists

Thomas has a lifelong passion for the V-Max since introduced in 1985 and motorcycles beyond the liter class. 30+ years of experience as a wrench monkey will ensure your motorcycle is well looked after in every possible way.

Service, Repairs, Parts

We use the best highest quality parts available from reputable aftermarket suppliers in the US or Europe and OEM parts for our work. We have a full workshop setup and the skills to back it up.

Custom Motorcycles

We have the tools and skills needed to custom modify your one kind of a ride.

About Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage

Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage is the culmination of one man’s lifelong passion for motorcycles.

Meet Thomas

Founder of Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage, Thomas Kirchner, has been passionate about motorcycles since he first set eyes on one when he was just a young child in Germany. His fascination with motorbikes continued to grow and, at only 11 years of age, he built his first rideable motorcycle from a frame and a scrap 50cc small engine which were given to him by likeminded older youth in the neighbourhood as a challenge… now almost half a century ago.

His determination to own and ride motorcycles as a youth developed into a consuming desire to build and modify motorcycles himself. At first working in his parent’s house basement, Thomas later worked in his own small workshop after completing his apprenticeship as a mechanic. Thomas grew accustomed to a vast array of lathes and milling machines, to create motorcycles that stand out from the crowd in every way.

And not just mechanically. Thomas works to enhance not only the performance of the motorcycle but also the bike’s own flair and intrinsic beauty, which include making up various body parts as well as second to none paint work.

Unique custom motorcycles

Thomas sees every motorcycle as an individual; an entity with its own presence, personality and potential which then evolves, under his experienced and creative hands, into a striking and remarkable rework of the original machine. In close consultation with the client, Thomas’ objective is to bring the stock standard, dare we say ‘boring’, mass produced motorbike to a higher level. He ensures each and every custom motorcycle project reaches the summit of its potential in terms of function and style, as well as mechanical performance and a lasting experience.

Thomas’ specialty in custom builds is the Yamaha V-Max. He works on both the 1200 and V-Max 1700, with its sheer exhilarating and unsurpassed torque, reaching more than 200 HP and representing the pinnacle of motorcycle brute force.

Nevertheless, Thomas’ skills and interests are by no means restricted to the V-Max. He has spent enormous times uproad, working and riding as well as gaining motorcycle knowhow in overseas workshops. This has filled the void of desire over the past few years as he creates scooters and street fighters with smaller engines such as the Honda CBR or the Kawasaki Ninja series.

Modifying large and small capacity motorcycles

Now that internal combustion is reaching its physical limits and petrol prices are becoming exorbitant, it is important to note that Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage also has broad and diverse experience in modifying small cubic capacity motorcycles. We work with single or twin cylinder engine builds such as Scramblers, Bobbers and Café Racers (originally called the ‘Caff Racer’ in the UK during the 1950s). Naturally, we are also no stranger to the Norton, Triumph or the BSA and der Ducatis, although the latter is quite hard to come by these days due to its cult status.

Scooters, like the Yamaha T-Max 530 or N-Max 150 and the Suzuki Burgman 125 or 150, are perfect candidates for the chop to create your own eye-catching ride. Restoration of older type Scooters, like the VESPA or a long-forgotten shed find ‘blast from the past’ also make superb donor bikes for such a project.

Our aim at Shatterwood Custom Motorcycle Garage is to complete new builds from scratch or modify and customize your pride and joy, tailor made to your specific tastes and desires… so you can ride off into the sunset in true style, to the green envy of bystanders.

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